Divisiveness in sports


There is a segment of the population in the United States that believe that sports are a distraction to the more important things in life.

The questions of, “You could tell me who played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in 1976 but you can’t tell me the name of your Congressman?” Or, “How could you watch sports and do nothing while protesters are being beaten and having their civil rights trampled defending the Dakota access pipeline?”

These questions are important and come from people with the right intentions. One should know the names of their elected official. One should be concerned with the protests going on in the Dakota’s. The questions are not the problem. It’s the perceived notion that because a person is choosing to engage in watching or participating in sporting events, then that person surely must not care about anything else. It is the division between the two classes of people. Everything in this country right now is about division and I’m sick of it, and I think there are a number of others who would agree with me. Don’t get it twisted, sports fans are not in the right either. Looking down on someone who doesn’t enjoy the same entertainment you do is wrong. Sports fans live in a bubble. They believe because they are in an arena or stadium with thousands of other people, everyone must be doing the same thing they are. When in reality, sports fans are the minority.

If ESPN is one of your most-watched channels, this is a reality that is hard to believe. When viewers saw the Chicago Cubs parade, or the Cleveland Cavaliers parade; the optics were astonishing. Hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions came to celebrate their cities sports team earning championship honors. However, for every 1 person at the parade, there are 100+ people that don’t even know who the Cubs are.

Sports fans need to pop their proverbial bubble and recognize this reality. In the same way people who don’t enjoy sports shouldn’t ridicule sports fans, vice versa must be the same.

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